How to Embellish Your Own Jeans

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Do you have a pair of plain boring jeans that need a little embellishing? Add a little sparkle to those drab jeans in just a few simple steps. Adding your own bling is easy and can be done at home. When you are finished embellishing you will have a pair of unique fabulous jeans.

Things You Will Need:


Iron-On Rhinestones

Fabric Marker

Step 1:

You will need to wash the jeans you want to embellish. This will ensure that all dirt is removed making it easier to adhere the rhinestones. Dry the jeans after washing.

Step 2:

Create your workspace. You can use either an ironing board or a towel on any hard surface. You will want to make sure you are in an area that you can iron.

Step 3:

Lay out your jeans on the side you want to place the rhinestones. You can now create the design you want placing the rhinestones wherever you please. If you would rather draw out the design first, you can do so with a fabric marker.

Step 4:

Once you have your design of rhinestones in place you are ready to iron them on. Turn your iron on to its lowest setting.

Step 5:

Lay a thin cloth on top of the rhinestones being careful not to move them around. Now lightly set the iron on top of the cloth starting at the edge of your design.

Step 6:

Let the iron sit in each spot for about 30-45 seconds. Once you take it off wait for 10-15 seconds and check to see if the rhinestones have adhered to the jean. If not, repeat until they are secure.

Step 7:

Finish ironing the rest of your design. If you have other designs you want to create repeat steps 3-6.


This is an example of a pair of jeans that had plain pockets and were embellished with a few rhinestones to make them fabulous.


This is the front pocket of those same embellished jeans

Your jeans are still washable but to make sure the rhinestones don’t fall off, wash them by hand. You will now for sure catch the attention of passer-byes with your fabulous jeans.


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